PCB Water Contamination Seattle

Gomez Environmental Law Represents Seattle and 5 Other Cities Against Monsanto for PCB Water Contamination

Gomez Environmental Law and Baron & Budd recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the City of Seattle against Monsanto Company for PCB contamination of city storm water and urban run-off. Seattle joins 5 other major American cities, including San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, and Spokane. The lawsuits allege that Monsanto was the sole manufacturer of PCBs in America between 1930 and 1979 when PCBs were outlawed by Congress due to their toxic effects on the environment. PCBs are man-made chemicals that cannot be contained, last decades, and are toxic. Impaired bodies of water such as San Francisco Bay, San Diego Bay, the Lower Duwamish River, and the Spokane River are polluted with Monsanto’s PCBs. The lawsuits allege Monsanto manufactured, promoted, and sold PCBs despite knowing that PCB were a toxic “global contaminant,” becoming one of the largest man-made public nuisances in the country.

“These cities are standing up for clean water and holding Monsanto accountable for pushing a chemical that it knew was toxic, could not be contained, and lasts a very long time,” says John Fiske of Gomez Trial Attorneys. Scott Summy of Baron & Budd says, “Monsanto unleashed an environmental virus and now wants the taxpayers to clean it up.”

Gomez Trial Attorneys and Baron & Budd have received high levels of interest from major municipalities up and down the west coast and expect more lawsuits to be filed.

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