John Gomez and John Fiske represent cities in suits against Monsanto, which created, manufactured, distributed, and sold a dangerous chemical known as Polychlorinated Biphenyls or PCBs.

PCBs were banned by Congress in 1979, but their widespread application prior to their ban caused global contamination. PCBs are toxic, carcinogenic chemicals once used in industrial and commercial applications such as paint, caulk, coolants, lubricants, transformers, capacitors, and other applications. Over time, PCB chemicals have escaped their intended applications and invaded the Earth’s ecosystem.

Cancer-causing PCBs were widely used in building materials for decades. Whether anyone bothers to look for them at your kids’ school, and what happens next, is mainly an accident of geography.

Now, cities and taxpayers are left to clean up PCBs from public waterways and systems, even though Monsanto had knowledge that PCBs could become a global contaminant, threatening wildlife, marine animals, and human health, but produced it anyway.

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